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CHI. GIRL is a must-shop Chicago inspired lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of innovative, luxury and affordable beauty and cosmetic products. We ship products nationwide to our consumers. Our products make women feel fearless because of the bold colors and pigmentation. What makes us different is the culture of our brand. CHI. GIRL is Chicago inspired, therefore, we highlight the beauty, art and culture of the windy city. Our brand tells the story of not only our founders’ Chicago experience, but the experience of so many others. Our products are unique because they are 100% cruelty free, affordable and luxury. Our products are made for women to feel more confident in their skin. We offer a variety of products with a mix of colors that match well with every tone of skin. Whether it be an everyday look, or a night out, we have a selection for bold women who aren’t afraid to add a touch of color. Shop CHI. GIRL today!

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